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about our top swops

TOP Swops are proudly run by the team at Take Out Plastic (TOP).  TOP is community-wide effort to help reduce single-use plastic in Hong Kong. To bring home the all-important message to reduce, refuse and recycle.

TOP Swops have been born out of the need to create more sustainable clothing options for people in Hong Kong, because nothing is as sustainable as secondhand!


Fast fashion is one of the largest contributors to climate change and Hong Kong's growing waste problem. According to the HK Environmental Protection Department, on average, more than 340 tonnes of discarded clothes and textiles are landfilled daily, which is equivalent to approximately 700,000 sweaters. It is also estimated that 4/10 Hongkongers have thrown clothes away after having only worn them once! 

Our clothing exchanges aim to reduce clothes and fabrics going to waste, it's an opportunity to extend the life of that garment.  

Our Community

We wouldn't have a TOP if we didn't have you! Every pop-up event is always so fun because of our returning members. Here are some of our members in their best TOP Swop outfits.  Captured by Asher Chan.

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